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Facebook’s News Feed: Ask Me Anything

Last week, I held an “Ask Me Anything” event where for 3 hours I took questions. Here’s one of my favorites. Look for the next one on November 20.

ask me anything

Hi Kathleen! My question is: I’ve seen a lot of people in a large Facebook group talking about their posts being hidden, unseen and forgotten. Does Facebook actually favor some posts and, if so, how do you work and optimize the system so that your post gets seen by the most people?

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Asked and Answered

Asked and Answered: Facebook comment notifications and news feed

Asked and Answered is a new regular feature where I answer your questions! Got a question? Ask in the comments! This week, we cover Facebook notifications and what appears in your news feed.

Q. Help! I commented on a Facebook post, and now I get a notification EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. someone else adds a comment. It’s making me nuts! How can I fix it?

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