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Which social media networks are right for you?

Not everyone has the time, energy or inclination to keep up with what’s going on in social media. So if “everyone” is telling you that you need to be on social media, here’s a primer on where to start.


social media as outposts

What you need to know about SoLoMo: Social-Local-Mobile

This is from a presentation I did with the Norwin Chamber of Commerce in April 2013. Enjoy!

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9 Ways to Entice More Volunteers, Backed by Science

One of the questions I got most frequently at the Association of Music Parents was “How can we get more people to volunteer?”

I totally understand why! So often it feels like the same small core of people always does the heavy lifting for the organization. By putting some forethought into recruiting volunteers, and perhaps building some of these ideas into your yearly calendar, your organization can reap the benefits for months and years to come.

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