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Donna Schwartz

Donna Schwartz, part 1


donna schwartzDonna Schwartz of Music Teachers’ Resource Guide joined me for a great, passionate conversation about the importance of music education. In this episode, we cover:

  • How Donna got into music education
  • Why she got out of music education, and how her side trip helped her
  • Why Donna left New York for California
  • Why this music educator will never stop educating herself
  • How students learn music, and why and how they should learn it differently
  • How learning music is like learning a foreign language

Be sure to listen to the second part of our conversation here!

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Christopher Woodside NAfME MME

Christopher Woodside of NAfME


I was thrilled to have a chance to speak with Christopher Woodside of the National Association for Music Education, otherwise known as NAfME. In a nutshell, he makes sure that everyone inside the Beltway knows how powerful music education is.

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education reform empty classroom

Education reform: Here’s why I care


empty classroom

I never intended to care about education reform. So boring, right?

When my firstborn child became old enough to start playing a band instrument, THAT’S when I started paying attention. Anyone who cares about music and arts education SHOULD care about education reform.

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Warning: Education “Reform” is Pushing Our Best Educators Out of the Classroom

education reform

UPDATE: I came across this video on Facebook recently, and thought that it summed up this issue well.


Donna Williams Browning recently read my article on my concerns surrounding education reform. She reached out to me via email, and graciously agreed to supply a guest post. I think you may find her experience all too familiar.

I’d love to hear your take on education reform. What does it look like from where you are?

We have to improve our standardized test scores.

That’s what teachers hear repeatedly in public schools today. Enough times that eventually you begin to groan at yet another training session. Formative assessment, differentiation, test and retest so our AYP shows results. It has become the entire focus of the school year.

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