Kathleen Heuer resides in her sweet spot of social media, marketing, and music and arts education and advocacy. Well, there and suburban Pittsburgh.

Trying to make sense of social and how to make it work for your arts organization, nonprofit, or small business? Kathleen can help.

She is a digital communications consultant and arts education advocate located in western Pennsylvania, with deep roots in Chicagoland and plenty of experience working with arts education on local and national levels. She founded two local grassroots organizations: Relight the Lamp, which is restoring a treasured local landmark movie theater into a community arts center; and the Norwin Area Arts Council. Her background is in advertising and marketing for music, the arts and other nonprofits. She has written extensively on the topics of family, music education and arts advocacy, and healthy living. She is married to a brilliant nuclear engineer and is the mom to two beautiful girls.

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