Joe Beard: The Marching Podcast (part 2)

Joe Beard of The Marching Podcast joins me on this show, the second in a two-part series. His podcast (which you should go download!) focuses on the marching arts within the world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In this episode, we talk about some of the things you learn in marching band that have nothing to do with music, circle BACK to the political brouhaha that was marriage equality in Indiana, where to find videos of awesome HBCU bands, how to get people excited about band, and why music education makes a difference even if you have no plans to continue professionally.
Be sure to listen in to part one of our conversation here!

Resources & Links

MME Joe Beard part 2

HBCU bands on YouTube

Next week, I’ll be speaking with Donna Schwartz of Donna Schwartz Music and the Music Teachers’ Resource Guide podcast. Get her free practice planner here.
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