Why Can’t I See Instagram Photos on Twitter? Can I Fix That?

Instagram and Twitter used to play nicely together. Not so much anymore.

When you share to Twitter from Instagram, your post contains a URL back to Instagram. Users have to click through to see your image. And data shows that they’re NOT bothering to do that. As a matter of fact, they’re going out of their way not to click on that link.

Via Buffer:

The Sotrender blog analyzed the 500 most-followed brand profiles on Twitter over a six week period in late 2013. They looked specifically for the effect of pic.twitter.com links, Vine videos, twitpic.com links, and Facebook and Instagram links.

  • Tweets with a pic.twitter.com link and photo had 141% more retweets
  • Tweets with a Facebook link or an Instagram link received 19% and 52% fewer retweets, respectively


How to display your Instagram photos on Twitter

Here’s how to get your Instagram photos on Twitter: This IFTTT recipe gives your Instagram image a pic.twitter.com link, and removes the Instagram link.

BOOM. Problem solved.

Everyone can now see your Instagram photos on Twitter!

So if you have any hope of your Twitter followers seeing your Instagram images (though I certainly discourage blasting the same content across all of your social media accounts simultaneously), this IFTTT recipe is the way to go.


IFTTT Recipe: Publish Instagram photos as native Twitter images connects instagram to twitter



IFTTT Instagram to Twitter

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