#MIOSM Instagram Challenge

March is Music In Our Schools month!

Let’s celebrate with the National Association for Music Education. They’re celebrating 30 years of MIOSM this year!

So remember how I’m always going on about “marketing music education?” MIOSM is a wonderful reminder to do that. And it’s much better than mourning Music NOT In Our Schools Month.

It’s so easy. Here’s how:

Pull out your phone and open up Instagram. Log in. Got it? Good.

(You can’t post to Instagram from anywhere but a mobile device, so start an account if you haven’t already!)

Now follow @MktgMusicEd and @NAfME. Well done!

NAfME has created a beautiful graphic: go download it, and then change your social media profile pics for the month. Go ahead; I’ll wait.


Back? Great!

Okay, now back to Instagram. That pic you just downloaded? Upload it to Instagram. Fancy it up with filters, if you’d like. Then in the caption, tell everyone that it’s Music In Our Schools Month. Something like this:

Change your Facebook and Twitter profile pics to celebrate the Music in Our Schools Month! #MIOSM30
Info: http://t.co/6DUkLqKSW8


March is Music In Our Schools Month! #MIOSM #MIOSM30 #MktgMusicEd

If that image doesn’t excite you, I’ve collected a few others here. Feel free to embellish them in your favorite app of choice. I like these apps!

Instagram apps

Great. So you’re all set for day 1 of the MIOSM Instagram challenge. What about the rest of the month?

I’ve got you covered.

Each week, I’ll post a list of photo challenges, one for each day. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post an image that reflects that day’s theme.

Or you could just post anything for MIOSM, of course—but a challenge makes it more fun!

I’ve created a Google calendar just for this MIOSM Instagram challenge. If you subscribe to the calendar, it can even send you reminders!

I’ll also post images across social media reminding you of the week’s challenges.

#MIOSM Instagram Challenge wk 1

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