margaret bauer relentlessly positive

Margaret Bauer of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association


On this podcast, I’m honored to introduce you to Margaret Bauer of PMEA.

margaret bauer of pmeaMargaret Bauer has served as executive director of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association since 1996. Previously she was executive director of the Pennsylvania Library Association for 11 years. Her education includes an undergraduate degree in music education from Mansfield University, and two master’s degrees: one in music history from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and one in library science from State University of New York at Geneseo. Her passions are the arts, books, needlework of all types and golf. She is a member of the National Association for Music Education and past chair of the NAfME State Executives Council.


Margaret Bauer on music education advocacy


Margaret Bauer on working with volunteers

“Respect the volunteers. Respect that they’re giving their time, that they’re passionate about the same things you are, or they wouldn’t be there.…

“You have to earn their respect, and I think that mutual respect is the key to being successful in working with volunteers.”


Margaret Bauer at the SupportMusic event on October 15, 2014

Margaret will be one of the panelists at this SupportMusic event next week. Click here for more information and to RSVP.

margaret bauer

Margaret Bauer at the SupportMusic event 2013

Here’s video of the event from October 2013 I attended.

I think I’ve finally figured out who to give credit for the phrase “relentlessly positive:” I heard it from Margaret Bauer, who heard it from Mary Luehrsen of NAMM, who heard it from Scott Schoeffel. You can find out more about him here.


Resources mentioned on this episode with Margaret Bauer


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Music Advocacy: Moving From Survival to Vision by John Benham


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margaret bauer relentlessly positive

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