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Courtney Brandt: Young Adult Author


On this episode of the Promoting Your Music Program podcast, I’m so excited to speak with  young adult novelist Courtney Brandt. You can find her books here:


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Courtney Brandt is the author of The Line, plus the additional novels in the series: A Fine Line, Keeping in Line, and The Line Up. Each of these  lighthearted novels was created for high school students and alumni in marching band. She released standalone novels Confessions of A Teenage Band Geek in fall 2011 and her final YA marching novel, Major Pain, in the fall of 2012.

As a former drumline member, Courtney brings a fictional voice to band geeks all over the world and is patiently waiting for Hollywood to wake up and realize her books would make great films or TV series!


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The Line Series: Complete Anthology by Courtney Brandt

The Line Series: Complete Anthology by Courtney Brandt

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Check out Courtney’s Marching Arts Photos Tumblr here, and while you’re at it, mine here. Find Courtney on Goodreads here.

Stay tuned next week for my conversation with author DJ Corchin of The 13th Chair!

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