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Erin Fortune

I was lucky enough to attend the Parent/Booster Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium this year at Ball State University. I showed up a bit early, hoping to talk with a few of the people who make Music for All tick, and whose secrets we might steal to be able to apply to our own music programs.

Erin Fortune is the Senior Marketing Coordinator for Music for All. She spearheads a lot of their digital marketing efforts, so I knew she’d have some tips and tricks to share. Check out some of the highlights here, and find out how you can win a $30 gift card to Erin Condren to snap up one of Erin Fortune’s favorite products!

Here are the highlights with Erin Fortune:

7:32 Why MFA is awesome

11:51 Erin’s favorite social media tools

16:37 What you need to know about analytics

20:20 What every music parent wants from social media

21:30 Where every music booster organization should start with social media

24:15 Erin’s tips on using email with your music booster group

26:30 Make sure these people are on your mailing list!

27:23 Erin’s two top tips for working with volunteers

30:56 The fundraisers you should ditch and the new ones you should try

32:46 Erin’s number one tip: use an editorial calendar!

Erin Fortune

Check out these links that Erin Fortune mentioned throughout the episode:

Ferris State University, her alma mater

What the heck are SWAGs?

Google Calendar

erin condren planner

Erin’s favorite tool: her Erin Condren planner
(see below to enter to win $30 at, courtesy of yours truly!)

Summer Symposium Evening Concerts

Digital tools she recommends (I can second almost all of them):

To get the editorial calendar that Erin uses, email her at

Did you miss the giveaway? Get $10 off your purchase at here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Full disclosure: I worked for Music for All from 1996 through 2000. I paid full price to attend this year’s Parent/Booster Institute. I’m providing the $30 gift certificate giveaway from my own pocket; Erin Condren and Music for All are in no way affiliated. 

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9 thoughts on “Erin Fortune of Music For All

  1. ElleBee

    Love that she uses a paper planner. I feel the same way! So much of what she does at MFA can be applied to booster programs. Social media can be effective, only if the parents really know how to use it. Great info all around!

  2. Maureen

    I love how she provided a list of her favorite digital tools. There are so many out there, it is hard to know what is best. I appreciate the recommendations!


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