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Asked and Answered: Facebook comment notifications and news feed

Asked and Answered is a new regular feature where I answer your questions! Got a question? Ask in the comments! This week, we cover Facebook notifications and what appears in your news feed.

Q. Help! I commented on a Facebook post, and now I get a notification EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. someone else adds a comment. It’s making me nuts! How can I fix it?

A. To stop getting notifications on a post you’ve commented on, click on the upper right of the original post, and select “Stop Notifications.” Ahhh…blessed silence.

stop notifications


Q. Why are my group posts not showing up in the news feed?

A. There are a couple of things you can try: make sure you’re regularly liking & commenting on group posts, or Facebook will assume you’re not interested in seeing them. Even if you just pop into the group and randomly like a bunch of posts right now, it should result in more posts from that group in your news feed within hours.

You can also set notifications for them: either all posts, friends’ posts, or no posts.

group posts not showing up


Q. I’m getting too many Facebook notifications. How do I adjust what I get notifications about?

A. Click here to personalize which notifications you get and where you’ll get them (Facebook, email, both, or neither).

Notifications_SettingsGot more questions? Check out Facebook’s help page on this topic.

Also, here’s a piece from Mashable about how to control what you see in your newsfeed.

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4 thoughts on “Asked and Answered: Facebook comment notifications and news feed

  1. Beq

    This is just the kind of thing I needed, a quick reference. I have recently re-joined the Facebook community. A lot has changed since I spent time on the website or using the app.

  2. Natalie Powell

    Just recently started. In place of my ticker on my newsfeed my notifications now appear in that same spot. How do I switch it back to show the ticker instead?


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