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Music Education Advocacy Videos You Need to Watch

There are a lot of great resources out there, but these are music education advocacy videos I keep coming back to. 

In this first video, Roger H. Brown, President of the Berklee College of Music, talks about the value of music education in public schools.


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Favorite quote:

“I would argue to a pragmatist you need to [provide access to quality music education] because it motivates people to learn….A lot of the spiritual strength of people resides in ways that can’t be reached necessarily through academics.…Athletics and music have been the two things that kept people who hated school willing to come, to show up and at least finish.

The next video is audio of a talk by Jack Stamp, professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, on “Why Music Matters.” Listen to the demonstration of different levels of proficiency using the piece “Shenandoah.”

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Favorite quote:

You can’t let someone who doesn’t know about music take music out of our schools. You’ve gotta realize, parents, they won’t listen to us teachers. They think we just want to keep a job. They’ll listen to you.”


This next video is distilled music education advocacy, accompanied by a sweeping inspirational soundtrack. It would be perfect to play before or during your next concert.

Sadly, I’m not able to embed it here, but this 2009 TMEA keynote by the incredible Daniel Pink is a MUST WATCH. Seriously. Go.


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Favorite quote:

Arts education, especially music education, today is not ornamental, but is fundamental: that we should be for economic reasons adding it rather than subtracting it.…Arts educators are actually one of the most important bridges in bridging the education system… away from routines, right answers and standardization into into novelty, nuance, and customization.”

dan pink TMEA 2009

Broaderminded is a new initiative from the National Association for Music Education. If you haven’t been to that website yet, GO. Pick up a tee shirt while you’re there.


“While listening to music engages the brain in some pretty interesting activities, playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout.”

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