Can’t-Miss Podcasts

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to consume content. I am a voracious reader, and one of my strengths is input. I thrive on consuming interesting information. Sometimes, due to logistics or safety, I can’t pick up a book or scan a screen. When that happens, I whip out my earbuds and click on one of these podcasts. High quality content streams into my ears. Life is good.

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Asked and Answered

Asked and Answered: Facebook group notifications (plus new Facebook marketing email course!)

Asked and Answered is a new regular feature where I answer your questions! Got a question? Ask in the comments! This week, we cover Facebook group notifications.

A Facebook friend posted this today:

Q. Can someone tell me how to turn off email notifications from all the different groups that I belong to? Thanks.

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Asked and Answered

Asked and Answered: Facebook notifications and news feed

Asked and Answered is a new regular feature where I answer your questions! Got a question? Ask in the comments! This week, we cover Facebook notifications and what appears in your news feed.

Q. Help! I commented on a Facebook post, and now I get a notification EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. someone else adds a comment. It’s making me nuts! How can I fix it?

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purse survey results.010

The Case of the Pretty Pink Purse: Measuring the Fallout

This is the last installment of the three-part case study on marketing to a Facebook group. In this video, I look at the SurveyMonkey results provided by 175 members of the nearly 5,000-member Facebook group where this incident (herein called “Pursegate”) took place.

Need to catch up? You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here.

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censorship flickr IsaacMao

Censorship, Free Speech, and Trolls

If you’ve been a participant in an online discussion of any kind, be it a forum, a group on Facebook or LinkedIn, or even in the comments of a blog post, you’ve likely come across moderated comments of one kind or another. If you spend enough time in such an online community, eventually you’ll come across someone who’s unhappy with the quality of moderation. They may even liken it to censorship.

As an administrator of several such large groups, I’ve often tried to navigate that tightrope. The groups would be useless without user participation. And really, who am I to censor anyone’s free speech? How un-American!

So I did a bit of research on the topic of censorship and comment moderation, and found some ideas worth sharing.

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tequila migfresno credit 600x800

Pass the TEQUILA: Preventative Medicine for Social Media Meltdowns

Have you suffered a social media meltdown? If you have, you may have needed a good stiff drink (or six!) afterwards. Next time, before you do something you’ll regret with your Facebook marketing, pass the TEQUILA for a strong done of preventative medicine.

After reviewing the Case of the Pretty Pink Purse, there are a lot of lessons we can learn from this experience. Let’s look at seven of them which might help you through your next social media mishap.

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campbell snake c print satchel

The Case of the Pretty Pink Purse: Advertising Within a Local Facebook Group

As penance a public service, I volunteer as an administrator for a locally-based Facebook group. Today I witnessed a social media meltdown which could have been avoided at several turns. In an effort to help others avoid these pitfalls, I’ll walk through what happened. It’s long, but there are a lot of lessons to be learned (see the bold print). Plus, there are lots of pictures!

The group currently has 4,837 members. That’s more than any of our other local Facebook groups, several of which were started as (angry) spinoffs from this group when members disagreed with admins. Some of the other groups are dedicated to marketing and commerce, both by individuals (flea-market-type groups) and local businesses. As an additional local digital marketing resource, there is also a Facebook interest list to round up all of the local businesses and organizations into one virtual place. Because this group is the largest and most active, however, local businesses have found it the place to be.

Though there are established group guidelines, there had still been some recent discussion over how tightly the reins of the group should be held. What should be the group’s policy on advertising? Should new posts be moderated by the admins, or should members be free to post whatever they like? Should multiple posts on the same topic be edited down? As one might imagine, with a group this size, it is difficult to develop consensus on anything.

Amongst the day’s usual posts about impending weather, local news, and an occasional lost pet, a few local business owners posted about their goods and services. Some businesses post more frequently than others. One local crafter often hawks her wares, including luxury purses, handmade wreaths and decor several times a day.

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facebook pic

Facebook Turns Ten: Their Gift to You

Facebook turned ten years old today. Zuck gave us a shoutout:


To celebrate, they’re inviting you to take a walk down memory lane. Here’s what mine looked like; find out how to get yours in the video below.

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Attachment Unavailable: How to control the privacy of your Facebook photos

If you’ve seen the Facebook alert that says, “Some people may not be able to see this attachment because of its privacy settings,” you’re in the right place.

I have another short how-to video today. It’s one of those tricky little Facebook quirks that, if you know it, can make your life infinitely better.

Below the video is the transcript, if you’d rather scan that instead of watching the video. Enjoy!

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kdh social media workflow border

My Social Media Workflow

A while back, I came across this post where Brian Lundin outlined his social media workflow. Social media sites and tools have exploded, and it can be hard to know where to start or what tools are worth their learning curves. In this video, I outline my favorite sources for sharable content, and the trustworthy tools I use to share it.

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